The Tea Party Stands Up

April 7, 2011

Courtesy of the great conservative website Fleming & Hayes, I bring you a fascinating series of exchanges during a public debate about Secure Communities, the identification system used by local authorities, in concert with ICE, to identify and eventually deport selected criminal aliens.

Although not nearly as stringent as 287(g), the law that municipal and state law enforcement should be using in prosecuting the war against recidivist, criminal illegal aliens, it is still an improvement upon the sanctuary city policies pursued by so many radical, open-borders mayors throughout the country. 

This particular town hall-style meeting is an example of the obstacles ordinary Americans face in attempting to get our elected officials-but more importantly, the bureaucrats they invest with so much power-to enforce the law. Not only must we refute the timeworn cliches and discredited notions posited by members of the Socialist Workers’ Party (!), but we must also confront women like Mary Heffernan, Governor Deval Patrick’s factotum, who took questions from the audience in Lawrence about her boss’s lax policy of immigration enforcement. 

Although promising to participate in Secure Communities, the flaccid response of his deputy, as well as the intensifying pressure from advocates for illegal aliens in Massachusetts, makes the stand taken by Tea Party activists in this town hall all the more vital to the debate going forward. Although often stereotyped as monolithic in their approach to issues, and mischaracterized as laissez-faire libertarians-a label that interlopers like Dick Armey and open borders Republicans have tried to affix to them-the bold citizens at this Lawrence, Massachusetts forum have proven that Tea Partiers, like most Americans, want their federal government to enforce immigration laws and secure the border, one of its foremost responsibilities. 

I’ve seen their commitment up close-as the photo that illustrates this story demonstrates-and can attest to their belief that border security does matter, and that it should matter to our elected officials, as well as the unelected underlings who ostensibly follow their orders.

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