Amnesty: Tales from the Crypt

April 25, 2011

For those of you who’ve been followers of this website for some time, you’ll already be aware of the extensive coverage we’ve given to the Obama administration’s repeated attempts to obtain amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. Whether it be through legislative legerdemain or administrative diktat, President Obama and his chief underlings have been trying to force Americans to ingest this “crap sandwich,” to borrow a phrase from Speaker Boehner, for nearly three years.

Now with a meeting of “stakeholders,” i.e.¬†amnesty advocates, at the White House, and a nationwide campaign¬†by open borders absolutist and racial grievance-monger Luis Gutierriez, it seems like the effort to obtain this long-sought policy have intensified once again.

That’s why a post over at Flopping Aces is a must-read for anyone interested in discovering where the President’s true motivations lie and what plan of action he might pursue in his continued efforts at enacting a sweeping amnesty, especially if the Republican-controlled Congress refuses to “compromise” its essential opposition to this concept.

This is an issue that should be buried, once and for all.

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