Repeat Offender

March 3, 2011

Yet another horrific crime committed by an illegal alien is sanitized by the mainstream media. As if the rape of a twelve year-old girl were not outrageous enough, the coverage that the Long Island Press has given to to this crime is enough to make your blood boil.

Instead of highlighting the relevant portion of this story, i.e. that Juan Carlos Amaya entered this country from El Salvador illegally, and that the U.S. government did absolutely nothing to deport him in the many years that he was living on Long Island, the reporter chose to describe this young girl’s attacker as a church youth group leader.

One of the reasons we’ve had such a difficult time deporting these criminals in the first place is because of the indifference of the mainstream media, which has steadfastly refused to highlight the incomprehensible human cost of illegal immigration. The journalists who cover this issue in such a blase manner, praising the work of people who are breaking this nation’s laws, are unwitting accomplices in the crimes they commit while they evade law enforcement’s reach in plain sight.

Until our elite opinion-makers and government officials start to take the crimes of illegal aliens seriously, we will continue to hear of tragic, barbaric events like the one that was just uncovered on Long Island. And we will continue to lament the lack of protection our federal government provides to those of us who are American citizens and who abide by the law.

The problem with detaining only those illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes, a policy ICE has pursued under both President Bush and President Obama, is that it means hundreds of potential rapists and sex criminals go unmolested by law enforcement agencies until they commit a heinous crime. The fact that they will eventually be punished for their crimes is of little comfort to their victims. On the other hand, if we pursue a more sensible policy of deporting criminal aliens who are in this country illegally, we won’t have to worry about how many more victims these heinous individuals will create as they brazenly flout our legal system.

It’s time to put an end to this selective enforcement before it claims the innocence of more young girls and gives more opportunities for mayhem to monsters like Juan Carlos Amaya.

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