Immigration Update

March 17, 2011

As most of you probably know by now,  Governor Gary Herbert of Utah has signed into law a bill that is a modified version of the amnesty plan so many open borders politicians-of both political parties-have lobbied for over the course of the past decade. Although some on the left are extremely displeased with this new law, almost all of the political and religious elites within the state, including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which exercises an iron grip on Utah politics,  have lined up firmly behind it.

The worst aspect of this bill, aside from the fact that it bypasses federal immigration law, is that its cornerstone is a guest worker program with Nuevo Leon. As I’ve pointed out on this website numerous times, the only thing these programs accomplish is depress the wage scale of certain industries so much that Americans are completely priced out of them. A fantastic column in the Daily Herald points out the flaws in accepting an unlimited number of guest workers-in addition to granting quasi-legal status to those illegal laborers now living in the state. 

Utah’s immigration problem is not one of heated rhetoric or punitive policies directed at illegal aliens, so the “Utah solution” will not solve anything. It will only create more problems-including a steady stream of new illegal migrants crossing over the Mexican border in order to take advantage of this law-for the foreseeable future.

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