Righting A Wrong

February 3, 2011

One of the bright young stars of the Republican Party, a woman profiled both here and in numerous media outlets before the last election, is the new governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez. One of the reasons she was elected is because of her promises to reverse the disastrous, illegal alien-cosseting policies of her predecessor, former governor Bill Richardson.

Now we have definitive proof that her promises of change were not mere rhetoric, but a sign of things to come. Courtesy of Stand with Arizona, here’s the story recounting her decision to sign into law a bill that will reverse Governor Richardson’s de facto sanctuary state policy. Although this is only a half-measure, it represents a giant leap forward for the state of New Mexico. If Governor Martinez can also get the state legislature to repeal the law allowing illegal aliens to drive on state roads, a dangerous practice that I testified against several years ago-she will have already accomplished more in her first term as governor than her predecessor achieved during his two terms in office.

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