In Cold Blood

February 20, 2011

Now that we know a little bit more about the circumstances that led to the lethal assault on Jaime Zapata, and the wounding of his fellow special agent Victor Avila, it becomes even more apparent how hostile Mexico is to American interests.

Credit the Washington Post for this harrowing report ¬†on what happened to the two ICE law enforcement officials this past week after they were attacked by alleged members of the Zetas cartel in the south of Mexico. Perhaps the most infuriating aspect of agent Zapata’s murder is the fact that ¬†neither he nor agent Avila were able to defend themselves, despite the fact that Americans-especially American agents of the law-are prime targets. The reason behind this inexplicable ¬†defenselessness is explained in the Washington Post article:

U.S. Embassy officials said that neither Avila or Zapata was armed, and so did not return fire. The Mexican government forbids U.S. federal agents from carrying weapons, exempting only officials involved in protective services.

In other words, those who are primary targets of lethal aggression from narco-cartels are legally proscribed from carrying weapons that would save their lives by the government of our ostensible ally! The fact that it took the murder and near-death of two American agents from ICE in order to get the American media to disclose this deeply troubling fact is bad enough, but a greater question looms. What is our federal government, which has gone out of its way to placate a country that has to this point flooded our country with illegal narcotics, illegal aliens, and potential terrorists, going to do to assert the rights of its citizens to defend themselves against lethal aggression from ruthless drug cartels?

That is the question that needs to be answered if we hope to address the increasingly dysfunctional, one-sided relationship we enjoy with our neighbor to the south.

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