Creating and Saving American Jobs

February 9, 2011

One of the biggest debates relating to immigration enforcement that has erupted since the beginning of the Obama administration’s halfhearted attempts atĀ interior enforcementĀ is over what is the best method to target employers who have either knowingly or unwittingly employed illegal aliens as part of their workforce.

While the Obama administration insists that a system of employer audits, intended to uncover illegal aliens, thus forcing employers to remove them from their payroll, is the best method of achieving the end-result of decreasing the number of IAs employed in the United States, his Republican opponents maintain that worksite raids are essential in order to decrease the supply of illegal labor that’s forcing the unemployment rate for Americans to remain at an unsustainable level.

I’d like to praise Politico for giving Roy Beck of Numbers USA the opportunity to address this debate in an innovative way on its website recently. In a great op-ed, he demonstrates that there can be a compromise reached between those who believe that the Obama administration’s enforcement actions against employers are too weak, and those in the administration who refuse to conduct any worksite raids, ostensibly because they are not effective in achieving the mandate of ICE. That solution is the implementation of e-Verify for every business in the country, not simply those who contract with the federal government.

Of course, as no less an authority on this issue than Mickey Kaus has pointed out in the past, the Obama administration is holding out the potential implementation of E-Verify as a bargaining chip in order to foist its planned amnesty onto a reluctant Congress, and an even more reluctant American public. Unfortunately, I don’t see this equation changing much in the immediate future, despite the valiant efforts on the part of men like Mr. Beck to forge a bipartisan consensus in favor of real employee verification and immigration enforcement.

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