Change Takes Time

February 16, 2011

For those of you who’ve followed our past coverage of  Rep. Stephen Sandstrom’s efforts at curbing illegal immigration in his home state of Utah, you’ll be pleased to know that his bill, HB-70, has cleared an important legislative hurdle. Its passage by the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Standing Committee by no means ensures its eventual enactment by the legislature, but it does send a signal that a number of leaders within the Utah House of Representatives feel that this issue is compelling enough to warrant debate on the floor.

This proves yet again that the tireless efforts by open borders demagogues to thwart the will of the American people-including threats of bodily harm- have not deterred those in other parts of the country, especially in border states, who are looking for real solutions to the plague of illegal immigration. However, that does not mean that the political obstacles to real immigration enforcement and reform have become any less daunting. To the contrary, the legislative support Rep. Sandstrom’s bill has generated thus far is probably going to lead to a corresponding increase in activity from the open borders factions operating within the state of Utah.

They have already devised an alternative to the enforcement-driven policies embraced by parts of the state legislature called the Utah Compact, whose chief objectives seem to be the suppression of anti-illegal alien speech, which is protected by the 1st Amendment, and the obstruction of constructive immigration bills such as those offered by Rep. Sandstrom and his colleague in the Utah House of Representatives, Chris Herrod. They have the support of the incredibly influential media conglomerate that covers immigration issues from Salt Lake City-which in any other industry would be perceived as a blatant conflict of interest-as well as the leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, to name just a few of the politically potent special interests operating on behalf of the current, failed de facto amnesty.

As I’ve chronicled on this website in the past, the leaders of organized faiths in this country, even those ostensibly allied with conservative values, continue to oppose any effort by the government to exercise a degree of control over this country’s borders, despite the overwhelming majority of lay believers who want to rectify an intolerable situation caused by unfettered immigration and the blind eye our federal government has turned towards illegal aliens.

That is why supporting Rep. Sandstrom’s bill is of such vital importance at this time. If we can defeat the vast forces arrayed against us, from elite opinion-makers who look with disdain upon the common (American) man, to Elmer Gantry-like hucksters who prey upon people’s emotions under the guise of religious “compassion,” to the entrenched economic and political interests that have turned large swathes of our nation’s southern border into a veritable no man’s land, we will have achieved something great. Something that future generations of Americans will be grateful we stood up for, and which will serve as the demarcation point for when we began to take reassert this nation’s sovereignty.

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