Bust Out

February 22, 2011

I’d like to thank a member of NY ICE for forwarding this story to me, yet another in a seeming laundry list of illegal financial transactions devised with the sole purpose of defrauding American financial institutions, and by extension, American investors in those institutions.

In this case, the perpetrator was a Chinese national that lived in Queens and who, along with several accomplices, managed to grift a few hundred thousand dollars from these banking and insurance corporations before the feds unraveled the scheme, as this ICE press release describes.

For more information about what the Bureau of Customs and Immigration Enforcement is doing, check out ICE’s Twitter page,¬†where you can find out just how the federal government is spending your tax dollars. It’s also where you’ll find information about the status of the investigation into agent Jaime Zapata’s murder at the hands of a ruthless Mexican drug cartel.

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