Gumming Up The Works

January 19, 2011

Some great news from the Commonwealth of Virginia, courtesy of the Center for Immigration Studies. The fraud and abuse of the nation’s immigration courts has been amply documented on this site, but in order to get an idea of why this decision is so important you should skim the Supreme Court decision that mandated criminal defense attorneys advise their non-citizen clients about the risks of deportation after guilty pleas.

The upshot of this Virginia case is that there will be less artificial barriers to the eventual deportation of criminal aliens, which is cause for cheer among those of us who welcome robust immigration enforcement.

Although I’ve never hesitated to criticize jurists who’ve overstepped their bounds, and attempted to carve out new entrees into American society for illegal aliens, these justices on Virginia’s highest court deserve our praise. Congratulations on a well-reasoned decision.

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