Secure Communities

December 24, 2010

In a sign of what can be accomplished when pressure is brought to bear on negligent public officials, the state of Massachusetts has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ICE. By opting in to Secure Communities, officials in the Bay State have agreed to screen all future arrestees for legal status, and to report those who are found to be in this country illegally to federal immigration officials for possible deportation.

For those of you who might not remember, Secure Communities is the same program that our outgoing governor, David Patterson, agreed to participate in earlier this year, to the consternation and anger of open borders advocates.

The fact that a public official who is so brazenly supportive of illegal aliens, who never neglects an opportunity to pander to the immovable coalition of IAs and their supporters, can be compelled to abide by a federal law targeting criminal aliens is something remarkable in itself, and a development that should hearten us all. Even though I’d prefer to see the implementation of the more comprehensive 287(g), the fact that two states governed by such open borders enthusiasts have yielded ground on such an important issue is evidence that the national, grassroots campaign initiated by American citizens, whether it be in the form of the Minuteman Project, ALIPAC, New York ICE, or other pro-enforcement, border security organizations, is succeeding!

Whether or not we can sustain this success in the new year is open to debate. What can’t be disputed at this point is that after over a decade playing defense we are now on offense. It started with Governor Jan Brewer’s courageous decision to sign SB 1070 into law, and has proceeded apace ever since the American people stood up for the sovereignty of their nation.

Let’s keep up the good fight!

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