Mistaken Identity

November 9, 2010

Courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, we learn a little bit more about the unusual case of a young-most likely Chinese-man who successfully entered Canadian territory by pretending to be an elderly white man. This case highlights several very important issues that this website has explored recently, including the superficiality of many post-9/11 security measures enacted by Western nations and the extremely liberal Canadian refugee policy taken advantage of by asylum-seekers, both legitimate-which I readily concede this man might be-and spurious.

Coming so soon after the revelation of illegal aliens training to become certified pilots in this country, this incident serves to illustrate the vast gulf between our aspirations and our accomplishments when it comes to border security. If nothing else, it demonstrates the porousness of borders in our globalized society, and the institutional sloth that sets in with modern bureaucracies. Hopefully, it also serves as a wake up call to people who think that terrorists don’t have the resources or initiative to do what clever refugees can accomplish with some Internet savvy and an elaborate disguise.

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