Enforcement In Action

November 25, 2010

Yet more empirical evidence that allowing local enforcement officials to pursue suspected illegal aliens enhances the safety of Americans comes to us from the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this case, Prince William County, which has had a law compelling police officers to verify the immigration status of criminal suspects once in custody for the past three years.

Mark Krikorian has a fantastic, concise summary of the findings revealed by a new study of the three year-old law on the website of the Center for Immigration Studies. Of course, the mainstream media-especially those news outlets in the Washington D.C./Northern Virginia market-is predictably howling about the injustice of targeting criminals just because they happen to be here illegally, committing crimes Americans don’t want to or refuse to do, but that is to be expected. 

The takeaway from this new report is this: attrition through enforcement works! If only our federal government was wise enough to implement this policy perhaps we wouldn’t be having debates over how best to prevent Mexican and Central American drug cartels from inflicting incalculable damage upon American cities. 

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