Double Standards

November 13, 2010

One of the hallmarks of the Obama administration’s application of federal immigration law, such as it is, remains its stunning inconsistency. A perfect illustration of this tendency comes via a Fox News report detailing the findings of a report by the Center for Immigration Studies that examined the State Criminal Alien¬†Assistance Program.

The CIS discovered that the Department of Justice had disbursed over sixty million dollars to states, cities and counties that enforce sanctuary city laws, i.e. prohibit cooperation with the federal government in criminal and civil enforcement of immigration matters, in recent years. Specifically, these localities either opt out of or reject Secure Communities, and the much more effective, 287(g) program, both of which are aimed at increasing collaboration between federal and local authorities in detaining and deporting criminal aliens.

Of course, coming on the heels of the Obama administration’s stealth amnesty plan, as well as its jihad against the state of Arizona, this aid to municipalities that flout federal immigration law smacks of the basest hypocrisy. For a fuller examination of just what the Department of Justice has been doing to supplement law evasion by open borders public officials, read The Center for Immigration Studies report in its entirety.

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