The Daily Rattle – Immigration News Summary for September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

American-Rattlesnake scours the world for the latest immigration news at home and abroad, and always has a special place in its heart for its sometimes noisy mascot:

•  Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that the Nebraskan city of Fremont is watching the recent Hazleton, Pennsylvania court case carefully. Fremont has instituted similar rules to discourage the hiring of illegal aliens and to prohibit the renting of property to them.  Fremont attorneys believe that their version of the law will ultimately pass legal scrutiny.

•  The San Bernadino Sun reports on local perspectives on illegal immigration numbers in California. The recent Pew Hispanic Center report  that claimed net illegal immigrant numbers have declined is supported by the observations of  local contractors and social workers. The study is still controversial, and debated by activist and academics.

•  The Detroit Free Press editorial board writes in favor of amnesty and open borders. The newspaper claims that immigrants are a net postive for the economy, especially in economically challenged Michigan. The editors’ greatest concern is that without amnesty, illegal workers will stay in the shadows, be exploited, and depress wages and working conditions for all workers.

•  Lawmakers from Georgia and Arizona plan on taking part in hearings about the children of illegal immigrants who are automatically granted US citizenship. The question of “anchor babies” and their rights under the 14th Amendment has excited considerable controversy, not least of which within the pages of American-Rattlesnake

•  The head of Russia’s Federal Migration Service thinks that immigration is needed to help solve that country’s population problems. Russia, like much of Europe, is suffering from low birth rates and a declining aging population. In 2006, then-President Vladimir Putin called the Russian demographic crisis the country’s greatest challenge. Russia has an estimated 4-5 million illegal immigrants in a country of 141 million.

•  Meanwhile, last week in New York City, Democratic candidates for State Attorney General vied to show who was the most immigrant-friendly. In a debate sponsored by the New York Community Media Alliance, the candidates fielded questions from local ethnic newspapers on subjects ranging  from workplace protections for undocumented workers to the Park51 mosque. New York State and City will hold  their primaries on Tuesday, Septemeber 14th.

•  If immigration is not a controversial enough topic, the Washington Post is reporting on perceived discrimination by newly-married part-immigrant gay couples. While new state laws may sanctify their unions, the marriages are unrecognized by the federal government, and so do not confer the same chance of naturalization as heterosexual marriage. Much support for amnesty and open-borders comes from the Catholic and Latino Evangelical churches, who are against gay marriage.

•  And finally, rattlesnakes are most upset and dangerous when they are woken from sleep. In this way, they are much like us humans, especially on Mondays.

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