Texans Support Arizona

September 27, 2010

Despite having a Governor who too timid to embrace SB 1070, it would appear that a majority of Texans support the recently enacted Arizona law that’s now making its way through the federal courts. At least, if a survey commissioned by the Austin American-Statesman is to be believed.

There are no earth-shattering revelations to be found in these results. Tejanos largely oppose the concept of an SB 1070-style law, while their non-Hispanic counterparts support it. The divide between Repubicans and Democrats is just as stark, and many are skeptical of altering the 14th Amendment in order to rescind birthright citizenship.

And while The Dallas Morning News-another Texas newspaper that took part in this poll-emphasizes the negative aspects of this survey, at least, from a pro-enforcement perspective, the bottom line is that most Texans, like most Americans, support SB 1070. The political and journalistic class can ignore the strongly-held convictions of the rest of America for only so long before reality sets in. I think that day is finally dawning.

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