Border Wars

September 2, 2010

One of the National Geographic Channel’s best new programs recently began its second season. The documentary-style program is called Border Wars and it chronicles the inherent struggle in policing the nearly 2,000 mile-long Mexican-American border from the perspective of the Border Patrol and Customs agents whose job it is to protect us. Many of the episodes explore the naked self-interest that drives narco-trafficking and human smuggling rings which exploit Mexicans and Central Americans who seek to enter the United States illegally. The season premiere highlighted the linkage between the producers of contraband and illegal narcotics, their paramilitary arms, and the millions of Mexican nationals who are used to fund their criminal enterprises south of the border. A particularly compelling scene-which illustrates the anarchic situation at the border, and deflates the common assumption that most of these people are simple Mexican migrant laborers-occurs when a Border Patrol agent questions a Sri Lankan man who claims that he has paid over six figures to a human smuggling operation in order to enter the United States illegally.  

Border Wars takes no position either affirming or opposing the open borders status quo that has defined immigration policy for over two decades, but you can’t watch the program without recognizing the inherent peril that continuing the status quo poses to our nation.

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