The New American Way

August 3, 2010

One of the freedoms we cherish as American citizens is the right, enshrined in our Constitution, to peaceably assemble and express our opinions, ideas, and complaints. However, what happens when that right becomes an excuse to obstruct, delay and impede the lives of other citizens? Usually this isn’t a problem in New York City, which is well-equipped to allow public protests-be they massive anti-war rallies, or gatherings of Tea Party activists at City Hall Park, or those lobbying against anti-smoking restrictions-without infringing upon the mobility of other New Yorkers who don’t wish to participate.

Not so in Mexico City, where obstructing vehicular traffic and thwarting the objectives of ordinary Mexicans in the course of public demonstrations has become a matter of routine. Granted, not everyone can partake of this freedom-only Mexican nationals-but even so, the sheer capacity of these peaceful, but extremely inconvenient, rallies brings commerce and traffic along the city’s main avenues and highways to a halt, as the New York Times piece above vividly illustrates.

Now, why should we be concerned about something that’s occurring in another country? Because this is precisely the method being employed by critics of SB 1070, and in the past several years, pro-amnesty protestors. The people who want to maintain the untenable, unsustainable open-borders status quo-and in fact, are attempting to compound the problem exponentially with yet another amnesty proposal-are attempting to impose their will upon the American public by force. Not through violence, they are much too savvy for that, but through an unrelenting barrage of public pressure that seeks to make it impossible for any state or federal entity to enforce the law.

If deportation raids are deemed to separate children from their families-a curious formulation that seeks to exculpate parents from responsibility for their children’s well being-then we shall protest. If a state seeks to reaffirm federal immigration law, then we will protest AND boycott. If the House of Representatives-as it did in 2005-passes tougher border security and enforcement measures, then we will shut down the streets of Los Angeles in defiance of that bill. This is the mentality of the forces arrayed against ordinary Americans who simply want the territorial integrity of their country honored.

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with protesting and demonstrating in support of-or in opposition to-a particular law, bill, or executive order. It’s not only constitutional, but admirable in many respects.  But what we have, taken cumulatively, is an effort by those who favor open borders to shout down any and all opposition they face from the American public. The thoroughfares and avenues of Mexico City are seemingly far away from the streets of New York City, but the methods and tactics of those protestors are identical to what we’ll see here if we don’t stand up for our nation’s sovereignity pretty soon.

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