American Apparel

August 20, 2010

Courtesy of the New York Post, we learn that American Apparel may soon be going the way of its founder’s pet political cause. Whether or not CEO Dov Charney is ultimately forced to file for bankruptcy, the fact that the Canadian immigrant will have less time and disposable income to contribute to the cause of wholesale amnesty is something to be cheered by most Americans.

Interestingly, supporters of the chain clothing outlet blame the Obama administration for its current financial woes, largely because of an ICE audit conducted last year which resulted in the dismissal of thousands of workers whose identities could not be verified. As the story in the New York Times points out, the actual investigation was undertaken by the Justice Department during the Bush administration, and the workers who were fired were never apprehended-let alone deported-despite the fact that many of them might very well be in this country illegally.

However, if the audit led to the demise of American Apparel, one of the most vociferous supporters of amnesty, then we all owe the employees at the Bureau of Immigration and Customs a debt of gratitude.

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