Talk To Your Neighbor

July 31, 2010

Our country is at a critical time right now.  The issues surrounding the massive influx of illegal aliens over the past decades will be decided in the coming months.  Time is of the essence. Days count.  The need for action is at hand.  It is political action that is needed.  Persuasion and organization are the hammers to beat our country back into shape.

Citizens must make their voices heard. Those who disagree with the status quo, those who believe that deportation is the best remedy for illegal entry, those who believe legal migrants must assimilate into the existing culture and learn the English language must make themselves heard.  You cannot be afraid to speak up in your own country.  You must be brave.  You must confront the wrongs and work to right them.  Silence can only strengthen your adversaries.

Don’t be intimidated.  Talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends.  Be respectful, polite and calm. Be aware that you might not convince someone in one coversation.  If things get heated, maybe it’s best to leave the subject for another day and turn towards the weather and how the Mets are doing.

That is why I started the American-Rattlesnake.  To give a voice to the silent majority.  Read the site, share it with your friends and family.  Let those that agree with you take courage and comfort from it.  Let those that disagree with you take note.  Maybe you can change their minds.  At worst, let them come to respect your opinion.

The United States is a democracy and the surest way for a free people to lose their freedom is thhrough fear and silence.  Stay free.  Talk to your neighbor.

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One Response to Talk To Your Neighbor

  1. Dan Hand on July 31, 2010 at 8:21 PM

    Well stated, Mr. Evanchik! Bravo!!

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